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Yours For The Asking
One of the first songs recorded with Craig & Eric and was originally titled "In The Presence Of The Lord' A song essentially bringing to light the hopeless depressing realities of this world without Christ. Jesus is "Yours For The Asking" when you are constantly asking seeking and knocking with ALL your heart!

Walk By Faith
A straight forward song about the teasing, mocking, and ridicule that a believer takes once he puts his hope, and faith in Christ.

Secular Vision
A song about the worldly detours, struggles, and distractions that aim to take a Christian's focus off of Christ, and steal his joy.

Night Warriors
A spiriual warfare song about guardian angels watching over God's elect while spiritual battles are taking place in the heavenlies.

Most recent "Thunder from Heaven" reviews!

"I just discovered these guys from a friend on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I knew a lot of Christian hard rock bands back in the 90's, but never heard of these guys until recently. Wow! Had I known this band was doing concerts and had a CD, I would have loved to have seen them! Great old school hard rock in the vein of Judas Priest, Kingdom Come, Black Sabbath. I hope these guys tour again, and give all us old-timers another chance at seeing them live. I also hope they put out some more good hard rock music to listen to. God bless brothers and keep rocking for Jesus!"
~ Lenny Chilson Phoenix, AZ April 2, 2016
"I really like the sound of the original heavy metal riffs of long ago and the change-ups which are timed accordingly. The synthesized 'ahem' music now can't compare. And more importantly I appreciated the word of God preached and declared in the lyrics. The song 'Bad Seed' is showing that we are not held by the devil no longer but free in Christ and declared with a 'hallelujah'. An all around very good traditional yet timely message in the form of heavy metal to get a very important message across. Keep rockin' guys and spread that good seed!"
~ Shaun Loop Clearlake, CA Feb 24, 2016
"I recently befriended Eric Crawford on Facebook. He sent 2 Thunder From Heaven CDs when I signed up for the newsletter on this website. I was absolutely blown away when I cranked the music on my stereo. From kickin' tunes like Night Warriors and Secular Vision to the rock ballad Each Passing Season, listening to the CDs for the first time was like discovering rare treasure. I only wish that I had access to Ash Wednesday videos when I was producing Rock Solid Videos for Minneapolis cable television back in the day. It was my sincere pleasure to have had a helping hand in getting Eric's YouTube channel started so more people can discover this treasure for themselves. May our Lord bless you!"
~ L. Charles Burch, Independent Videographer, Storden, MN Jan 24, 2016
"This one is really cool, straight up heavy metal old school style! This album came out originally in 1994 the band just reissued these in a limited quantity. But here is the cool part of this when you buy one! Dale Huffman from Metal Pulse Radio referred me over here to this band. So every time a CD sells here $5 gets donated to Dale's cancer fund! So you get a great limited edition pressing of some classic Christian metal and also help out the Dale Huffman cancer fund! "
~ Bill Roxx (Christian Record Store Owner) San Limas CA Jan 18, 2016

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